Albert Mann

23 hectares
5 Grand Crus
1 Monopole
2012 Winemaker Of The Year La Revue des Vins de France

"The family domaine has made its reputation with very clear, aromatic, and round wines of Gewurztraminer and Riesling, but also with Pinot Noir of which four different cuvées are produced. They all rank amongst the finest red wines produced in Alsace."
The Wine Advocate/

The product of cooperation between 2 ancient winemaking families of Alsace, Mann and Barthelmé, both involved in winemaking activites since the 17th century. Now run by brothers Maurice and Jacky Barthelmé from the village of Wettolsheim, near famous Colmar.

At the forefront of quality driven cru wines from Alsace, the brothers make stunning and acclaimed wines in every vintage. Their philosophy is utmost respect for the grape, soil and vineyard (Ecocert since 2000 and biodynamic in their Grand Crus since 1997). Labour intensive viticulture finds expression in their meticulously ploughed vineyards and hand harvesting, and is matched by their conscientious winemaking activities in the cellar: gentle, slow extraction, extended lees contact and bottling only when ready and without fining. The result is wines of irresistible character, versatility and energy.