Corte Aura

Corteaura is a young winery in Franciacorta (DOCG since 1967), in the Province of Brescia (Lombardy) bordering the city and the shores of Lake Iseo. Although Franciacorta has produced only Classical Method sparkling wines since 1995 the area has a winemaking tradition that was famed during Classical Antiquity, and its vineyard lands continued to be prized throughout the Middle Ages by their owners from the Benedictine and Cluniac monastic orders (much like in Burgundy).

2009 began a new chapter in this legacy when Venetian financier Federico Fossati took his passion for wine to the village of Adro in the heart of Franciacorta, where the village's fields, farmhouses and coat of arms have displayed its viticultural vocation since the 16th century. Since the beginning of the project in 2009 an extensive plan of redevelopment and successful partnership with the experienced Pierangelo Bonomi, have meant that Corteaura now represents a range of refined and characterful traditional method sparkling wines which are each a reference point for the heritage, potential and dedication that the name Franciacorta evokes among wine lovers globally.

As with Champagne grapes (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) for this most noble of Italian sparklings must come from a specific area made up of smaller sub-regions, with the secondary fermentation giving the sparkling character taking place exclusively in bottle. Legally Franciacorta must be be aged in bottle on lees (yeast) for 18 months, however even the youngest of Corteaura's wines rests in such a way in the cellar for 30 months. For this reason, Corteaura has chosen the turtle to be their emblem, representing gentility, dignity and patience.