"The domaine is located in Ecueil, where 95% of the eight hectares are cultivated (85% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, all organic). They process only own grapes in a cellar that was built just five years ago. Géraldine Lacourte and Richard Desvignes took over as the third generation in 2006. They are using more and more oak barrels, especially for the single vineyard cuvées. Each parcel is vinified separately, and except for a very few cuvées, all the wines are based on just one harvest. For the past three years, malolactic fermentation has been blocked and the dosage has been reduced to levels between almost zero and seven grams, which underlines the fresher, steelier and more terroir-driven style as well as the inner complexity of the wines. The annual production is 65,000 bottles."
Stephan Reinhardt for The Wine Advocate/