"Terenzi is one of the most promising new names in Tuscan winemaking. Federico Terenzi and his family have risen to sudden prominence thanks to their excellent Morellino di Scansano. In fact, they are one of the reasons behind the new momentum that is pushing forward the entire appellation."
Monica Larner for The Wine Advocate/Robertparker.com

Although Maremma remains a land of wild, rustic beauty, almost untamed in spite of its proximity to Roman civilisation, its position next to the Tyrrhenian Sea gives the wines of the area a unique sense of balance and poise that overlaps the warm, ripe, scented and savoury spiced berry character of its fruit. In addition to the maritime influence, it is worth noting that Maremma's altitude and volcanic soils have a significant impact in favouring. Sangiovese's structural and aromatic finesse. Inspired by this land and its heritage, Terenzi have certainly opted for elegance throughout their range