Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Founded in 2008, a fully in-house, "grain to bottle" craft outfit and Chicago's first distillery since the 1800s.
  • Founders Robert and Sonat Birnecker chose to leave their academic careers to bring the distilling traditions of Robert’s Austrian family to America, and create a new signature style using only the "heart" cut of the distillate.
  • The name Koval means "blacksmith," in numerous Eastern European languages and "black sheep" in Yiddish - or someone who forges ahead or does something new or out of the ordinary. 
  • All are single barrel, organic and Kosher certified.
  • Has the requisite mash bill of at least 51% corn, complemented by Millet sourced from farmers in the Midwest and aged in beeswax sealed and charred oak barrels from Minnesota.
  • Gold Medal, 2014 International Whisky Competition.
  • 750ml, 40% ABV, 94 proof.
  • "When you order a shot of KOVAL single-barrel, organic bourbon whiskey…it's as much a statement as a request. It's a drink, yes, but also an experience. It gives you something to talk about" - Chicago Tribune.

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